Hamilton Karate

We ask our students to test for the next belt level when they are ready. Promotions are based on improvement in techniques, class attendance, attitude, discipline, dojang etiquette, and respect.

For children and teens, we speak with the parents and make sure they behave at home and at school. We want our students to be successful everywhere, not just at Hamilton Karate.

When you show up for testing, we ask that you arrive early and change into your full white traditional uniform. It should be clean and wrinkle free. Your belt should be tied properly, and t-shirts are not allowed during testing.

Warm yourself up and practice your forms and techniques until you are called to line up. Promotion tests are run basically like a regular class with the exception the black belts are your judges. They will evaluate your performance and then speak with you to let you know where you can continue to improve, as well as tell you what you did well. Towards the end of your test you will break boards. You must break your board to earn your promotion. When it is all done, you will be given what you earned, your new belt. This is something you should be proud of. No one but you earned it. Wear it with pride.