Hamilton Karate

These are the classes we offer with brief descriptions of each. Check back though, we may add new classes at any time.

Women’s Self-Defense – (offered upon request with 10 or more students)
All too often women are the target of some type of crime. They might include an inappropriate “brush” at the grocery store, purse theft, or worse. Some of these crimes can be avoided all together, or perhaps end with a less traumatic result.

For this reason, we have developed a self-defense class especially for women. We will first give you some good common sense advice. You will learn how to be aware of your surroundings, and to listen to your intuition. Following that you will learn some simple ways to defend yourself.

This class meets as requested by the community so check the site or call the school for information.

Tae Kwon Do for children and adults
In all of our Tae Kwon Do classes we teach basic through advanced techniques depending on the skill level of the students. The instructors are always aware of the different abilities and tailor classes to those in attendance. A typical class can include learning/reviewing various kicks, blocks, strikes and punches. We spend some time on forms, self-defense, and improving our mental and physical fitness.

Muay Thai Do
Muay Thai Do is Mr. Boun’s own self-defense system. He has taken all the techniques and styles he has learned throughout his life and combined them into this unique style. It is efficient and effective for close range contact. If you are someone that likes to compete at tournaments, learning this will help you win.

Muay Thai Conditioning / Workout
This class will incorporate various Muay Thai exercises to tone muscles, improve coordination and build strength and endurance. Many of the exercises will use one’s body weight for resistance with some techniques being partner based. The focus is to increase your physical fitness, not fighting skills.

Private lessons can be arranged to learn Muay Thai fighting techniques directly with Mr. Boun.

Scramble FIT
Scramble FIT classes meet inside Hamilton Karate multiple times each week. It is a robust cardio work out that uses various methods. This branch of Hamilton Karate is really growing! We work out with weights, do cardio vascular exercise, and much much more!

Private lessons for each class are available. You can request that lesson with your favorite instructor, just let us know.