Hamilton Karate

Hamilton Karate is located just off of M-40 and 136th Street in Hamilton Michigan. We are 15 minutes from Allegan, and 15 minutes from Holland. Easy to get to from which ever direction you are coming from.

At Hamilton Karate, we teach our students the martial art of Tae Kwon Do, but we also put an emphasis on self-control, respect, confidence, and humility. These are necessary characteristics one must possess in order to utilize the Martial Arts skills in the manner for which they were intended, self-defense. We do our best to instill those characteristics in our students.

Aside from the physical skills, our students will learn how to show respect for themselves, for other people and things. It is not just about bowing as we do in class. It applies to how you interact with others, and how you treat this world.

Children and adults alike will want to come to class, and in time, they will discipline themselves. These are skills we want our students to apply in their daily lives. If they work hard and earn their promotions, they will be more confident, appreciative, and successful in everything they do.