Hamilton Karate

  • Welcome to Hamilton Karate!

    We participate in community events such as the Memorial Day Parade and the recent Safety Fair at the High School because we care about Hamilton and the people in it.

    Call or stop in and learn how else we support the community.

  • AED and CPR Certified Instructors

    Most of our instructors are AED and CPR Certified and we have a working AED on site!

  • Self-Control:

    The ability to make proper decisions and have total control over your mind and body.

    We teach our students to make good decisions inside the school and in time, they are able to apply those skills in other aspects of their lives.

  • Self-Discipline:

    Being able to accomplish your goals by decisive actions without being reminded.

    Your child will learn that accomplishments feel good and they will slowly start to change in a positive way.

  • Self-Confidence:

    To stand up for what you believe in and to have the courage to be a Black Belt Leader.

    Standing up for what one believes in can be difficult. We will help them develop the confidence they need to succeed.

The Martial Arts are not just about fighting. They are about self-improvement in so many ways. Accomplishing something you may not think possible, learning self-control, getting stronger, learning patience, gaining confidence, and of course self-defense are all things you can learn at Hamilton Karate. It won’t happen overnight, but it can happen if you take the first step.

We have the facilities, instructors, and knowledge, but we don’t have you. Email us, call us, or stop by. We will give you the same opportunity we have given all our students over the years, to improve themselves, for themselves.

We encourage you to watch or participate in a class before making a decision. You also don’t have to be of any particular fitness level or body type to join. Anyone can do this, you take the first step, and we will get you kicking!